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NEMS Linux 1.5

The NEMS 1.5 release cycle will focus on an enhanced user experience and documentation.

Key Development Features and Goals:

  • Nagios upgraded to latest current core.
  • Adagios interface customized to remove features not part of NEMS Linux.
  • HTML email notifications.
  • Admin contacted if NEMS is offline (via API check-in).
  • NEMS NConf interface revamped to match NEMS' overall look and feel. Branding improved.
  • New plugins and check_commands integrated based on community requests.
  • Documentation at the checkcommands level improved, along with other step-by-step guides added to the documentation.
  • All NEMS email notifications to be improved: HTML email (with text alt).

Release Dates:

  • The NEMS Linux 1.5 release date has not yet been announced. Because NEMS 1.4.x is rolling regular updates, I may be able to hold off 1.5 for a while since I can just update 1.4.x without the need for a re-install.

This changelog is a list of the major revisions culminated during this NEMS release cycle. To see the full list of Git commits, please also check out the web site.

NEMS 1.5 Patrons

I'd like to thank all of our Patrons for your continued support of NEMS Linux development.

Here is a list of those Patrons who kicked in that little bit extra to have their name included in the changlogs:

  • Patrick Kersten
  • Dave Harman
  • Bill Marshall

Want your name on this list? Become a Patron

NEMS 1.5

  • Coming Q4 2018.
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