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NEMS Linux 1.5

The NEMS 1.5 release cycle will focus on an enhanced user experience and documentation.

Key Development Features and Goals:

  • Nagios upgraded to latest current core.
  • HTML email notifications.
  • Admin contacted if NEMS is offline (via API check-in).
  • New plugins and check_commands integrated based on community requests.
  • Documentation at the checkcommands level improved, along with other step-by-step guides added to the documentation.
  • Bring support for industrial PCs such as the CL100 and FitLet2.
  • Create a VMDK Drive Image for Hyper-V (Coming When Patreon Funding Reaches Goal).
  • Create an OVA Virtual Appliance (Coming When Patreon Funding Reaches Goal).

Release Dates:

  • The NEMS Linux 1.5 release date has not yet been announced. Because NEMS 1.4.x is rolling regular updates, I may be able to hold off 1.5 for a while since I can just update 1.4.x without the need for a re-install.

This changelog is a list of the major revisions culminated during this NEMS release cycle. To see the full list of Git commits, please also check out the web site.

NEMS 1.5 Patrons

I'd like to thank all of our Patrons for your continued support of NEMS Linux development.

Here is a list of those Patrons who kicked in that little bit extra to have their name included in the changlogs:

  • Patrick Kersten
  • Marc Dörseln
  • Dave Harman
  • Bill Marshall
  • Aaron Tringle
  • Steve Hudnall
  • IT Cyber Solutions

Want your name on this list? Become a Patron

Big thanks also to Heini Holm Andersen for granting me special permission to use, customize and distribute Nagios Responsive HTML Email Notifications Templates as part of NEMS 1.5+.

Also, thanks to Björn Ricks from Greenbone Networks for kindly providing a much more current version of WMI after OpenVAS stopped supporting it. This new version has become nems-wmic and is integrated into NEMS Linux 1.5.

NEMS 1.5 Initial Release Changelog

  • Coming early Q1 2019.

Software Upgrades

  • Nagios Core has been upgraded to 4.4.2.
  • Adagios upgraded to 1.6.3-2, bringing it closer to a complete and stable modern replacement for Nagios Core's reporting interface.
  • Check_MK livestatus socket upgraded from 1.4.0p31 to 1.4.0p37.
  • PHP upgraded from 7.0 to 7.2, introducing the Sodium cryptography library for the NEMS 1.5 Cloud Dashboard.
  • Innumerable system updates of various packages.
  • WMIC has been forked and upgraded to 4.0.0.
  • Check WMI Plus upgraded to v1.64.

New Check Commands

New Features

  • NEMS Cloud Services - NEMS 1.5 introduces NEMS Cloud Services. By signing up for this optional paid service, your NEMS Linux server will benefit from off-site backups and a web-based tactical view that is accessible from anywhere, and amalgamates the tactical information of multiple NEMS servers on your account allowing sysadmins a method of monitoring multiple sites from one cloud-based dashboard.
  • NEMS Checkin - NEMS 1.5 introduces NEMS Checkin. Checkin will notify you by email if your NEMS Linux server becomes unresponsive. Disabled by default, NEMS Checkin can be configured within NEMS SST. This service requires a NEMS Cloud Services account.
  • Optional TLS - TLS Secure Authentication can be disabled in NEMS SST for SMTP email as requested by luckyworlock.
  • Graphing - nagiosgraphs now comes preinstalled as requested by Erast Fondorin. It is configured and functional in Nagios Core, but can also be accessed from the NEMS Dashboard Reporting menu.
  • Firewall - NEMS Linux now includes ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) with Login Failure Daemon (lfd). Internal LAN IP addresses are whitelisted by default, but if a user tries to access your NEMS server from outside the LAN (ie., if you have your NEMS server accessible on the Internet) they will get locked out if they try an incorrect password too many times.
  • Webhook Notifications - NEMS Linux now supports notifications via webhook as requested by Jon Backhaus. This feature was added to nems-tools: Warning Light.
  • Custom Appearance - NEMS SST now features the ability to change the background on some NEMS screens.
    • Background Selection, allows you to select from the following:
      • Daily Image (Default) option loads a new image every day.
      • NEMS Legacy shows the classic server room image from NEMS Linux 1.4.
      • Custom Color allows you to choose a base color to use for the background.
      • Upload Image allows you to upload your own preferred wallpaper image.
    • Blur Background Selection, allows you to add a blur effect to background images:
      • Slight Blur will add a subtle Gaussian blur to the background image.
      • Medium Blur will add a more pronounced blur to the background image.
      • Heavy Blur will blur the background image so heavily that only the color scheme of the image is recognizable.

Bug Fixes

  • WiFi now works on Raspberry Pi devices out of the box as reported by the community.
  • check_sbc_temperature (previously called check_rpi_temperature) prompts for Warning and Critical temperatures as pointed out by mgl1976.
  • Fixed Nagios Core Trends and Alert Histogram giving 404 errors as per damo.
  • Fixed Host Detail and Service detail giving 404 error as per ronjtaylor.
  • There was a known issue with Monit 5.20 (included in NEMS 1.4.1) which results in an error “Forbidden: Invalid CSRF Token”. For Monit's web interface to work, you must open it in an Incognito window (the bug is related to cookies). A fix was rolled into NEMS Linux upstream (as of October 2018). 5.25 is out in source, but not in Debian repositories. As this bug was fixed, I'm no longer concerned about the issue, though it will be nice to see 5.25 make its way into the repos.
  • DST problem in Nagvis as per ronjohntaylor fixed by system-wide timezone variables now being set in nems-init.
  • check_nrpe is now installed to the correct folder. The upstream installer places it in the folder for Nagios 3, not Nagios 4.

Improved Features

  • Email notifications are now responsive HTML emails. Please see the “thanks” section above.
  • NEMS SST now allows you to disable rolling updates. By doing so, your deployment will remain as is, allowing you to better control when/if your NEMS server is updated. As suggested by Dave Harman. Also supports putting off updates to run once per month, once per week, or once every two weeks as requested by John Naab.
  • All check_wmi_plus check commands have been redone to correct the argument counts and also to provide better descriptions for each arg. Was suggested by mydogboris.


  • samba shares have been improved to support long filenames.
  • MOTD has been improved. The generally not useful info has been removed making it a little cleaner looking, and a new ASCII logo has been integrated.
  • Removed the old default checks from NEMS host and created new templates specifically for NEMS that are more appropriate for low-powered SBCs (super high CPU load thresholds, for example). Some users were running the sample checks as if they were intended for production use rather than as a guide, so this should help those users by not setting off irrelevant alerts such as CPU load or swap usage on the NEMS server (particularly problematic on low powered devices like Raspberry Pi, since the default samples are more suited for monitoring full-powered Linux servers). Reported by experimenter, MarshMan, and others.
  • NEMS SST now warns you if you try to navigate away before saving changes.
  • WMIC is no longer being distributed by OpenVAS, so I have forked the most current git repo their parent company provided, and am now using that (after some modifications). New active repository is located at and wmic version has been upgraded from 1.3.14 to 4.0.0.
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