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NEMS Linux Commands: nems-info

nems-info parses and outputs a great deal of useful information about your NEMS Linux deployment. This data is used by various NEMS Linux features, but can also be called manually if desired.

nems-info does not require root privileges, and can be called from any folder on your NEMS Linux server.

Available Command Options
  • nems-info ip - Output the IP address of your NEMS Linux server. Automatically detects which interface is in use.
  • nems-info nemsver - Output the currently running full version of NEMS Linux, including rolling update subversion.
  • nems-info nemsbranch - Output the currently running branch version of NEMS Linux, excluding rolling update subversion.
  • nems-info nemsveravail - Output the latest available version of NEMS Linux.
  • nems-info users - Output the number of users connected to your NEMS Linux server (ie., through SSH or direct console).
  • nems-info diskusage - Output how much disk usage you are currently using on your NEMS Linux server, in percentage.
  • nems-info memusage - Output a memory usage breakdown of your NEMS Linux server.
  • nems-info country - Output the country code of your NEMS Linux server, based on the timezone settings you configured during nems-init.
  • nems-info hwver - Output the revision of your NEMS Linux server hardware.
  • nems-info hwid - Output your NEMS Linux server's unique NEMS Hardware ID.
  • nems-info platform - Output which platform your NEMS Linux server is running on.
  • nems-info platform-name - Output the name of the platform NEMS Linux is running on using local database.
  • nems-info drives - Output a JSON list of all your NEMS Linux server's available storage media.
  • nems-info loadaverage - Output your NEMS Linux server's weekly load average.
  • nems-info temperature - Output the current average CPU temperature.
  • nems-info sslcert - Display your NEMS SSL certificate information.
  • nems-info nic - Display the network interface (eg., eth0, wlan0, enp2s0) currently being used.
  • nems-info checkport #### - See if a port is running on the NEMS server. Used to determine if services are up or down. For example, to see if apache2 is resonding: nems-info checkport 80
  • nems-info cpupercent - Output the current CPU usage as a number representing percent.
  • nems-info init - Detect if this NEMS server has been initialized or not. Returns 0 (not initialized) or 1 (initialized).
  • nems-info username - Output the username for this NEMS server as per nems-init.
  • nems-info online - Detect if the NEMS Server is online / can communicate with GitHub. Returns 0 for false, 1 for true.
  • nems-info socket - Provide the location of the livestatus socket.
  • nems-info hosts - Output a count of how many hosts you are currently monitoring (uses livestatus).
  • nems-info services - Output a count of how many services you are currently monitoring (uses livestatus).
  • nems-info benchmark [test-name] Outputs numeric result of NEMS Benchmark. Will return 0 if test has not yet been run via cron task, or if being run on an unsupported version of NEMS (requires 1.4+). Generally not for end-users. Used by NEMS Anonymous Stats. Available tests: cpu io ram mutex
  • nems-info state Output the state information of your NEMS hosts and services to JSON format.
  • nems-info alias Output the alias of your NEMS Linux server.
  • nems-info cloudauth Check if this NEMS server is authorized to use NEMS Cloud. 1 = yes, 0 = no.
  • nems-info allowupdate Show NEMS' automatic update setting. 1 = Not allowed, 2 = Allowed monthly, 3 = Allowed semi-weekly, 4 = Allowed weekly, 5 = Allowed daily
  • nems-info wifi Output a json-encoded list of detected WiFi networks.
  • nems-info checkin See if user has enabled checkin emails. 0 for no, 1 for yes.
  • nems-info checkinemail Output the email address used for checkin notifications (configured in NEMS SST).
  • nems-info checkininterval Output the number of intervals before checkin notifications are sent. Each interval is 15 minutes long. Default is 8, which is 2 hours. Set in NEMS SST.
  • nems-info webhook Output webhook url as configured in NEMS SST.
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