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NEMS Linux sends the following anonymous, non-confidential usage data to the NEMS Linux Stats API:

  • Which platform you're running NEMS Linux on,
  • How many hosts you have configured,
  • How many services you have configured,
  • Your NEMS Linux version,
  • The size of your NEMS Linux storage medium (eg., SD card),
  • How much free space you have on that same medium,
  • Your NEMS Linux server uptime,
  • Your NEMS Linux server temperature.

In order to uniquely, but anonymously identify your NEMS Linux server (eg., so we do not duplicate data if you send it twice and so others cannot pretend to be you) your NEMS Linux server will also provide us with your NEMS Linux API Key (which it generates automatically) as well as your NEMS Linux Hardware ID, which you can see within NEMS SST.

We store this information to give us an idea how many people are using NEMS Linux, how many hosts they're using, and how we can better improve performance based on the information provided.

To see how this data is made publicly available, please visit the NEMS Linux Stats page.

If you'd like to review what data we collect, please observe the source code.

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