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 ===Colors=== ===Colors===
-NEMS Green: #84c044 +  * NEMS Green: #84c044 
-NEMS Grey: #a7a9ac+  ​* ​NEMS Grey: #a7a9ac
 ===Logo Options=== ===Logo Options===
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 ====NEMS Configurator==== ====NEMS Configurator====
 +The NConf logo is an adaptation of the NEMS Linux logo. The adaptation was created by Robbie Ferguson.
 {{:​nconf_logo_sm.png?​nolink|}} {{:​nconf_logo_sm.png?​nolink|}}
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 ====NEMS TV Dashboard==== ====NEMS TV Dashboard====
 +The NEMS TV Dashboard logo was adapted from the original NEMS logo by [[https://​www.outlndr.com|Outlndr]] and a CC0 stock icon. Because it is typically only seen as a 16x16 favicon, the green of the NEMS logo was darkened to make it stand out.
 {{:​tv-icon.png?​nolink|}} {{:​tv-icon.png?​nolink|}}
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   * [[https://​docs.nemslinux.com/​_detail/​tv-icon.png?​id=branding|tv-icon.png]]   * [[https://​docs.nemslinux.com/​_detail/​tv-icon.png?​id=branding|tv-icon.png]]
 +====NEMS Cloud Services====
 +An adaptation of the NEMS Linux logo, with the subtext using the AnjaliOldLipi font in #699bdf (light blue, representing the sky).
 +  * [[https://​docs.nemslinux.com/​_detail/​ncs.png?​id=branding|ncs.png]]
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