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 The NEMS 1.5 release cycle will focus on an enhanced user experience and documentation. The NEMS 1.5 release cycle will focus on an enhanced user experience and documentation.
-On September 22, 2019, NEMS Linux 1.5.1 was released. ​It will take some time for it to be available for all platforms.+On September 22, 2019, NEMS Linux 1.5.1 was released. 
 +NEMS Linux 1.5.2 was released June 1, 2020, introducing support ​for the Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB SBC.
 **Key Development Features and Goals:** **Key Development Features and Goals:**
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   * Matthew Mattox   * Matthew Mattox
   * Premium | Fischer-ICT   * Premium | Fischer-ICT
 +  * Steve Thompson
 +  * Jiffy
 +  * Larry Getz
 +  * Coquille Indian Tribe
 +  * Jarrod Andrews
 +  * Dennis Bailey
 Want your name on this list? [[https://​www.patreon.com/​bePatron?​c=1348071&​rid=2163023|Become a Patron]] Want your name on this list? [[https://​www.patreon.com/​bePatron?​c=1348071&​rid=2163023|Become a Patron]]
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   * September 25, 2019 - NEMS Linux 1.5.1 for ODROID-XU4 released.   * September 25, 2019 - NEMS Linux 1.5.1 for ODROID-XU4 released.
   * October 21, 2019 - //nems-info **nic**// and //nems-info **online**//​ now use nemslinux.com instead of google.com for their tests. Also, results are cached for one minute, reducing the number of requests while still remaining accurate to the minute. As requested by Joerg Hoffmann.   * October 21, 2019 - //nems-info **nic**// and //nems-info **online**//​ now use nemslinux.com instead of google.com for their tests. Also, results are cached for one minute, reducing the number of requests while still remaining accurate to the minute. As requested by Joerg Hoffmann.
 +  * November 12, 2019 - Removed smooth scrolling from //​nems-www//​ as it causes jerky behavior in modern versions of Chrome, resulting in console error, "​Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener due to target being treated as passive."​
 +  * November 22, 2019 - Account for the fact that some users may have passwords in their password when restoring from a NEMS Migrator backup set. Before now, a password in the password would result in a null password.
 +  * December 9, 2019 - The current NEMS version is now platform independent,​ meaning an ODROID-XU4 won't report a new version just because a new version was released for Raspberry Pi (for example). As per [[https://​github.com/​Cat5TV/​nems-migrator/​issues/​1|Issue 1]] on NEMS Migrator.
 +  * December 10, 2019 - Define the platform distinction in NEMS Server Overview with regards to currently available version. Reduce calls to api by 1/3 (performance improvement) for Platform Name.
 +  * December 12, 2019 - If user is already a Patron, remove the "​Become a Patron"​ button.
 +  * January 28, 2020 - PixelSlayer Bob pointed out that 9590 was missing from monit on NEMS 1.5.1. Investigated and it turns out the monit service installers were patched into NEMS Linux during 1.4, but never moved to the 1.5 branch. Fixed.
 +  * January 31, 2020 - If a user has the "NEMS is not initialized"​ page open in their browser and completes a nems-init process, the browser will now automatically redirect to the NEMS Dashboard.
 +  * February 26, 2020 - Upgraded 1.5 branch to check_temper from 1.6 branch and improved thresholds for detection of C vs F temperatures. This brings in a few of the important check_temper fixes and improvements from NEMS 1.6 to users of NEMS Linux 1.5. Thanks to //tripled// for pointing out the issue with certain temperature thresholds.
 +  * February 27, 2020 - Fix footer on NEMS TV Dashboard so it doesn'​t jump up after 60 seconds due to the speedtest update that was added for 1.6. Reported by ITManLT.
 +  * April 3, 2020 - Add //​www-data//​ to the forbidden usernames list. Fix nems-info so www-data user doesn'​t attempt to create a NEMS cache folder.
 +  * April 7, 2020 - //​nems-init//​ now asks if you'd like to proceed if it detects your NEMS Server is already initialized.
 +  * April 14, 2020 - Improve the verbosity of error messages when restoring a NEMS Migrator Off Site Backup.
 +  * May 25, 2020 - Significant overhaul of the NRPE installer to improve compatibility with client systems (especially Ubuntu / Linux Mint). Deals with [[https://​github.com/​Cat5TV/​nems-admin/​issues/​3|Issue 3]] plus other undocumented issues.
 +  * May 26, 2020 - Migrated Nagios misc data folder to 1.6 branch in nems-migrator.
 +  * May 26, 2020 - Create and enable (and document) check_cpu_temp in [[check_commands:​check_nrpe|Check Commands: check_nrpe]] which allows monitoring remote system CPU temperatures using lm-sensors on the remote host. A feature request by //​tripled//​.
 +  * May 26, 2020 - Add Sysfs thermal data to //​check_cpu_temp//​ if available, and fallback on it if //​lm-sensors//​ isn't installed. Add unknown state if thermal data cannot be obtained by either of these two methods.
 +  * May 26, 2020 - Fixed the apt update which occurred during a NEMS Update task: On Raspberry Pi it requires --allow-releaseinfo-change,​ but this was breaking the update on some other platforms. So only use this argument on RPi-based NEMS Servers.
 +  * May 26, 2020 - Add the apt key signature for the sury repository, which hosts PHP for some earlier builds of NEMS Linux.
 +  * May 26, 2020 - Released NagiosTV (called NEMS Tactical Overview on NEMS Linux) in advance to NEMS Linux 1.5 users. It was originally slated to wait until the NEMS Linux 1.6 release, but that is being held up by Adagios at the moment, so I thought it would be nice to push out a little gift to the users as thanks for their patience.
 +  * May 26, 2020 - Upgraded NagiosTV to 0.5.3. Adapt CSS overrides to allow use of NEMS wallpaper and other stylistic enhancements.
 +  * May 27, 2020 - Security improvement:​ Moved several nems-scripts temporary shell scripts out of /tmp.
 +  * May 27, 2020 - Ensure check commands are replaced should NRPE upgrade be run on a NEMS Server.
 +  * May 27, 2020 - Create Credit Roll Easter Egg.
 +  * May 28, 2020 - Improve the audio timing and add layout of Credit Roll Easter Egg.
 +  * May 30, 2020 - Add IP Address to all screens of bootscreen.
 +  * May 30, 2020 - Several NEMS NConf improvements / fixes (not retroactive on already initialized NEMS Servers). Examples: Add //​check_temper_temp//​ and //​check_temper_hum//​ temperature and humidity checks, fix //​custom_check_mem//​.
 +  * May 30, 2020 - Change sample SBC CPU temperature service check to recent NRPE version and move to Advanced Services to improve understanding for users and make it easier to apply the service to other hosts.
 +  * May 30, 2020 - Add //Room Temperature//​ and //Room Humidity// sample services to NEMS Server. If user has a [[hardware:​temper|TEMPer]] device connected, results will be provided.
 +  * May 31, 2020 - Create udisks2 modules directory to prevent deceptive "​error"​ in Cockpit logs. As reported by UltimateBugHunter-NitPicker and listed in [[https://​github.com/​cockpit-project/​cockpit/​issues/​12412|Cockpit Issue 12412]].
 +  * June 1, 2020 - NEMS Linux 1.5.2 released for Raspberry Pi. Brings together all updates and patches since 1.5.1, and adds support for the new 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Thanks to UltimateBugHunter-NitPicker for beta testing the initial build for me as my 8GB Raspberry Pi has still not arrived here in Canada.
 +  * June 1, 2020 - NEMS Linux for Docker moved to 1.5.2 branch to expedite release.
 +  * June 1, 2020 - Grant non-root access to TEMPer devices on USB after a reboot, and periodically.
 +  * June 2, 2020 - Make text darker in NEMS SST.
 +  * June 2, 2020 - Add error handling in case either the thermal or humidity sensor are not detected on a TEMPer device (as is the case with a unit which only has one or the other, for example). As reported by JonBackhaus.
 +  * June 4, 2020 - Upgrade NagVis to 1.9.20, which resolves an issue with user creation as pointed out by jnrhome. Pushed out through daily patches to all NEMS Servers.
 +  * June 4, 2020 - Pipe error output from temper.py to null so it doesn'​t interfere with the response of the script when TEMPer is not getting enough power.
 +  * June 5, 2020 - Fix incorrect NConf fk_id_item assignment for NEMS host in [[commands:​nems-restore|NEMS Migrator Restore]]. This was causing the host-preset'​s check-alive to be assigned incorrectly. Now, generating the Nagios config will work fine after //​nems-restore//​. Big thanks to UltimateBugHunter-NitPicker not only for bringing the issue to my attention, but for granting me remote access to his NEMS Server to allow me to replicate and ultimately fix this.
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