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Figure I'll add a list here at some point.

For now, I'll add the items being added to NEMS 1.3 during development.

  • check_http - Check the status of an HTTP/HTTPS server on a remote host.
  • check_mikrotik_switch - monitor stats for some MikroTik routers, including thermal sensors, packet loss, uptime, and so-on.
  • check_minecraft - monitor Minecraft server uptime, see how many players are connected and analyse the response time. enable-query and enable-rcon do not need to be enabled on the Minecraft server, so you should be able to monitor any Minecraft server.
  • check_ping - Ping by hostname or IP address with warn/crit thresholds for response time and packet loss.
  • check_tcp - Check response of a specific TCP connection.
  • check_sbc_temperature - Check your NEMS SBC temperature with perfdata and warn/crit thresholds.
  • check_http - Check http/s response for a given host with warn/crit thresholds.
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