Tests the speed of your Internet connection.

Requires NEMS Linux 1.5+.

Out of the box, NEMS Linux will check the Internet connectivity speed using an automatically selected nearby test server. Warning notifications will be generated if your upload or download speed falls below 10 Mb/sec and Critical warnings if either falls below 7 Mb/sec. These are just sample thresholds which can (and should) be modified to suit your connection speed by modifying the service in NEMS NConf.

On the General tab of NEMS System Settings Tool (NEMS SST), you'll find your Automatically Chosen Server (generally, the one nearest to you geographically). This may change now and again if the server selected becomes unresponsive or otherwise goes offline. Since it is dynamic, the server selection is done behind the scenes by your NEMS Server, so you never have to think about it.

If for some reason the Automatically Chosen Server is undesirable, you can select to use a server that is “Hard-set in NEMS NConf service” using the drop-down. Once you have chosen that option, you need to modify the service in NEMS NConf to specify the server number you'd like to use. You can view an XML list of the currently available servers here: https://c.speedtest.net/speedtest-servers-static.php

However, note that where an automatically-selected server will change if the server goes down, your hard set server will instead cause errors and false alerts if your chosen server goes offline or is otherwise inaccessible.

In most cases, Dynamic Mode is the recommended option.

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