Tests the speed of your Internet connection.

Requires NEMS Linux 1.5+.

Out of the box, NEMS 1.5 will check the Internet connectivity speed using a test server in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Warnings will be sent if your upload or download speed falls below 10 Mb/sec and Critical warnings will be sent if it falls below 7 Mb/sec.

The default configuration uses a server local to where I develop NEMS Linux. You can modify the sample service's thresholds and server number to suit your needs.

To obtain the server number for your most local server, visit NEMS Server Overview. This number represents the server that gives you the lowest ping time (presumably, local to you). The chosen server is listed under “Local Speedtest Server Number” however you will have to manually copy that to your service configuration in NEMS NConf.

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