In order to begin using your NEMS Linux server, you must first initialize it. The nems-init process makes initialization quick and easy by automating many of the first-boot tasks for you.

To initialize NEMS Linux, simply connect to your NEMS Linux server over SSH or via a connected keyboard/monitor (if SSH is not available) and type:

sudo nems-init

Important Note

I recommend you perform your nems-init operation over SSH. This is because if you use a keyboard connected directly to your NEMS server, you will potentially be working with a different keymap than your local system, which could cause you issues in future.

What nems-init Does

nems-init automates and simplifies the following operations:

  1. Removes the default Linux user and randomizes its password. You should never have a production server using the default username:password since there are many malware scripts that seek out and destroy such devices.
  2. Creates your NEMS user. This is the username and password you will use to access web-based systems such as NConf, Nagios Core, and your NEMS-Migrator backups (over https or samba), as well as when you login to the NEMS server over SSH or local console. Make sure you select a strong password as this user will have SSH and super user access. This is also the user you will use to access network shares located on your NEMS Linux server.
  3. Configures your timezone. NEMS Linux uses NTP to automatically update your NEMS server's date and time based on your configured timezone.
  4. Configures your keyboard locale/language.
  5. Generates and installs your self-signed SSL certificates.
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