nems-support automatically creates an encrypted backup file called support.nems which contains all information about your running NEMS server. This information is intended to be used during support sessions in event that you are experiencing issues and require assistance from NEMS Linux support.

Currently, NEMS Linux is a community project driven by one individual: Robbie Ferguson. You should be wary of sending your support.nems file to anyone but Robbie, as it contains confidential information (eg., your email settings from NEMS SST). The file is encrypted, but can easily be decrypted using your NEMS Hardware ID if that information is available.

Robbie accepts support requests via the Community Forum and by Private Message on Patreon. The email address for you to send your support.nems file to will always be on either or domains. If anyone ever asks you to send it somewhere else, be cautious.

To create a support.nems file, run:

sudo nems-support

You will then be advised where to send your support.nems file, along with a 6-digit string you must send with the file. This string is simply the first 6 digits of your HWID, to prevent sending the full key. Robbie will use this string to look up your full HWID for decryption.

If your support request has to do with a Community Forum thread, please also include the URL to the thread within the body of your email.

Once created, you can access the support.nems file from your computer by navigating to https://NEMS.local/backup/support.nems -or- find the file on the SMB share at \\NEMS.local\backup


The command line option report forgoes the backup portion of nems-support and only generates a small textual report to assist in diagnosing problems.

To generate this report, run:

sudo nems-support report

The support.nems and support-report.txt files self-destruct after 15 minutes.

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