nems-upgrade automatically upgrades NEMS. It is very easy to use, and is how I am able to offer NEMS as a rolling release during each major release cycle (called NEMS Branch). This way, you do not have to re-download and re-flash NEMS every time I release a new feature.

Generally, bugfixes and minor improvements do not require manual intervention: they are automatically handled by NEMS', which you do not have to run manually (it automatically runs every day).

By contrast, rolling release upgrades (ie., point release upgrades) require you to manually upgrade with the nems-upgrade command, which requires root access.

In order to run nems-upgrade your NEMS Server must first be initialized.

Commandline Options

  • sudo nems-upgrade - Upgrade NEMS to the latest rolling release within the current branch.
  • sudo nems-upgrade reset - Reset NEMS to the top-level branch of the currently running version and upgrade from there. Helpful when fixing a botched upgrade, should one occur.
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