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 ====How do I configure WiFi?==== ====How do I configure WiFi?====
-  * [[config:wifi-introduction|WiFi Introduction]] +  * See the Wireless Network Interfaces section of the [[https://​docs.nemslinux.com/​networking#​wireless_network_interface|Networking documentation]]
-  * [[config:wifi-raspi|WiFi on Raspberry Pi]]+ 
 +====How do I set a static IP address?​==== 
 +  * See the IP Address/DNS Settings section of the [[https://​docs.nemslinux.com/​networking#​ip_addressdns_settings|Networking documentation]]. 
 +====Why does Cockpit have greyed-out features? I can't change anything!==== 
 +  * As per [[features:​cockpit|the Cockpit docs]]: make sure you also check the box “use my password for privileged tasks” while logging in. Otherwise your level of access will match the non-elevated user and all features which require root access will be greyed out.
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