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 +=====Features:​ Port 9590=====
 +Port 9590 is a dummy listener on all NEMS 1.4.1+ servers.
 +This listener does nothing but reply to TCP requests when it is up. Its purpose is to provide a safe port to enable and disable while learning how to use the check command [[config:​nems_nconf:​check_commands:​check_tcp|check_tcp]].
 +====Disable 9590====
 +To disable 9590 temporarily,​ open its process in Monit Service Monitor and choose "Stop service"​. It will however resume normal operation at next reboot.
 +To disable 9590 permanently,​ first stop it with Monit (otherwise Monit will re-run the service once it detects it is not running). Then, open an SSH connection to your NEMS server and type:
 +<​code>​sudo /​usr/​sbin/​update-rc.d 9590 disable</​code>​
 +To see how 9590 works, simply review [[https://​github.com/​Cat5TV/​nems-scripts/​blob/​master/​9590.sh|the source code]].
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