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nems-api is a web-based api interface that outputs json data related to your NEMS server. It is lightweight, fast, and offers a connection for both internal NEMS features and third-party devices.

nems-api will always return either success: true or success: false to tell you whether a query was successful or not.

IP Restrictions

By default, access to nems-api is limited to the following IP addresses:

  • -
  • -
  • -

If you need to add an outside IP address, please put in a feature request in the Community Forum to add this feature to NEMS-SST. If there is demand for it, it will be added.


Secure Certificate

NEMS Linux uses self-signed certificates. In order to pull nems-api data you must either ignore the certificates via your application, or change the URL to non-SSL (not recommended).

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