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Known Issues

If you encounter an issue, please report it in the community forum so I can work on a fix (or please post your fix to help others and possibly to have it integrated into the next build).

Here are the current issues I hope to work through in a coming release:

  • Some users began reporting WiFi no longer works out of the box on Raspberry Pi Zero.
  • Watching a reported issue where NEMS (version 1.3.1 only?) will run a day or two and then spike CPU usage and not return to normal. Could be a bad SD card, or perhaps a kernel issue. Working with user to determine.
  • Special chars (eg., !) in NEMS SST domain credentials cause error as per readyit.
  • There is a known issue with Monit 5.20 (included in NEMS 1.4.1) which results in an error “Forbidden: Invalid CSRF Token”. For Monit's web interface to work, you must open it in an Incognito window (the bug is related to cookies). A fix will make its way to NEMS Linux as soon as the package maintainer rolls it into stable. Appears to have been fixed upstream (October 2018).
  • Nagios Core Trends and Alert Historgram giving 404 errors as per damo
  • source_file FAILED Source file does not exist for Default_collector as reported by sbrock and confirmed by automationgeek
  • Host Detail and Service detail giving 404 error as per ronjtaylor
  • Adagios is in testing, not yet stable for use and will encounter issues.
  • Fix Telegram as per baggins.
  • RPi-Monitor giving error on Pi 3 B+ “Can not get information (dynamic.json) from rpi-monitor server”. Reported by Ron Taylor.
  • Images not showing up in Nagios Core as per Hesh.
  • Migrating from one version to the next results in broken permissions on Nagios Core as per Rick.
  • Webmin administration of Network settings don’t stick, as per kevinds.
  • Number of services per page selection not working in Nagios Core as per baggins.
  • If NEMS is unable to communicate with github, a nems-upgrade will erroneously upgrade NEMS' version number even though the upgrade itself will have failed, as reported by baggins.
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