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 ====Firewall Ports==== ====Firewall Ports====
-NEMS Update is a task that runs automatically on your NEMS server and updates ​your NEMS server as patches are released. ​In order to function, you will need to ensure ​ports 80, 443, and 9418 are accessible to your NEMS serverNormally this is not an issuebut in a network environment with a strong firewall where ports are locked down by defaultit's important to open them to NEMS.+To allow you/others to access ​your NEMS Server, you will require the following ports be opened to your NEMS Server: 
 +  * **SSH Access:** 22 TCP In 
 +  * **NEMS Dashboard Web Interface:​** 80, 443 TCP In 
 +  * **Monit Service Monitor Web Access:** 2812 TCP In 
 +  * **Cockpit Admin Interface:​** 9090 TCP In 
 +  * **AVAHI / mDNS Name Resolution:​** 548, 5353, 5354 TCP In/Out 
 +Most standard network configurations allow running servers ​to communicate with the outside world without any additional setup. Howeverif you have a very restrictive firewall configuration,​ you may need to open additional ​ports for your NEMS Server to be able to communicate with systems it is monitoring, as well as the NEMS Update servers. 
 +  * **NEMS Update:​** ​80, 443, 9418 TCP Out 
 +  * **NRPE Check Commands:** 5666, 12489 TCP Out 
 +  * **WMI Check Commands:** 135, 445, 1024-1034 Out 
 +====Docker / Amazon Web Services==== 
 +The Networking features in Cockpit have been removed from NEMS Linux for Docker and Amazon Web ServicesThis is because on these platformsyou should administer your networking from the hostnot the appliance. 
 +  * Docker: You must assign the IP upon launching the container. See https://​docs.docker.com/​engine/​reference/​run/#​network-settings 
 +  * Amazon Web Services: You must assign an Elastic IP to your NEMS Linux instance. See https://​docs.aws.amazon.com/​AWSEC2/​latest/​UserGuide/​elastic-ip-addresses-eip.html
 ====Important Notes==== ====Important Notes====
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