The NEMS Linux Docker Container is coming soon, pending Patreon funding.

Install NEMS Linux for Docker

This command will launch a new Docker container called nemslinux.

docker run --hostname nems --mount type=tmpfs,destination=/tmp,tmpfs-mode=1777 --mount type=tmpfs,destination=/var/www/html/backup/snapshot,tmpfs-mode=1770 --restart=unless-stopped --stop-timeout 120 --name nemslinux -d baldnerd/nemslinux:1.5_build1

Initialize Your Docker-Based NEMS Server

Initializing a NEMS Server within a Docker Container is different than all other platforms.

On the Docker host, simply run:

docker exec -it nemslinux nems-init

Access NEMS Linux CLI

Should you have need to access the NEMS Linux CLI, you may do so by launching bash in your container.

docker exec -it nemslinux bash
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