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NEMS Linux To Do List

This list details features which are planned for future releases of NEMS Linux. NEMS Linux is released on a 6 month schedule, with a major release every May and November. Thanks to the NEMS Linux Migrator, upgrading is a cinch, and thanks to NEMS Linux' rolling release system, many fixes, patches and upgrades can find their way into existing installations.

Things I Hope To Do

Planned for NEMS 1.5

During the 1.5 Release Cycle (Not At Launch)

  • Documentation at the checkcommands level improved, along with other step-by-step guides added to the documentation.
  • NEMS NConf interface revamped to match NEMS' overall look and feel. Branding improved.
  • Evaluate //nconf// PR # 4.
  • Adagios interface customized to remove features not part of NEMS Linux.

Known Issues

These issues will be fixed in due time.

Ideas for Future

There is not necessarily a planned timeline for each of these items, but here is a list of some of the things I do hope to do in an upcoming release. This list covers potential features for future releases of NEMS Linux. None of these are set in stone, and should only be considered ideas.

  • Write a language sub-system for the NEMS UI, allowing users to offer translation corrections via API. Attempt to migrate the language system to all interfaces, including NConf, Adagios, and even nems-info and nems-init.
  • Configure Adagios and NEMS to support multiple NEMS servers. See this manpage. (It is possible NEMS Cloud will do away with this need).
  • Implement IsItDown service with API for distributed testing of web site uptime (eg., so a user can monitor web site uptime from other NEMS Linux users geographic coordinates, not just their own, to rule out local issue).
  • Evaluate openITCockpit as a possible front-end.
  • Add feature to nems-migrator's off site backup that allows a user to request an email if their backup fails (can get the email info from NEMS SST and send email accordingly, separate of Nagios). Perhaps add a service check on the NEMS server instead? - Planning to add this feature to NEMS Cloud during the 1.5-1.6 release cycle.
  • Make it so first boot automatically takes user into nems-init, with the option of instead running it through SSH.
  • Must improve logrotate. Some of the logs are getting quite large on some systems that have been up for a long time.
  • Move all commands from commands.cfg to checkcommands.cfg (or whichever is more appropriate) within NEMS Migrator.
  • Add check command-specific documentation.
  • Add some generic true/false data to NEMS Anonymous Stats. In particular, discover if any users are using features like Telegram. By knowing this, I can decide if a feature should be removed from future releases.
  • Ability to use external storage for all active data. Ideal for reducing read/writes on SD cards. Add interface to allow all active data to saved to an external hard drive or network share as suggested by meveric.
  • Provide pre-built NEMS Linux hardware appliances (anyone interested?).
  • Create an OVA of NEMS Linux for deployment on existing virtual infrastructures.
  • Build a graphical interface for nems-init.
  • Build a graphical interface for NEMS Linux-Migrator's “Restore” feature.
  • Add intrusion detection such as Snort or Bro IDS, as per mpacey.
  • I'm open to suggestions! Please post your feature requests in the Community Forum.

NEMS Linux Roadmap

  • 1.0 - COMPLETE - Initial release. Bring easy deployment of Nagios to Raspberry Pi 3.
  • 1.1 - COMPLETE - Creation of upgrade process, nems-migrator and optimize performance.
  • 1.2 - COMPLETE - Creation of nems-init process to setup initial system. Create documentation.
  • 1.3 - COMPLETE - Focus on feature set, add off site backup. Being laying the groundwork for upcoming 1.4 (in particular, non-Pi architectures).
  • 1.4 - COMPLETE - New build of NEMS Linux featuring support for multiple SBC options and Nagios 4.
  • 1.5 - Focused on integrating user-requested options (mostly check commands) and optimizing the defaults/samples. Begin multi-server environment back-end, starting with ability to nickname NEMS servers via NEMS-SST. Introduction of more SBCs and possibly a virtual appliance (if funding allows).
  • 1.6 - New peripheral options such as NEMS Warning Light. Central API for Multi-NEMS Server deployment and tactical overview via web portal (ie., login to our site to see a consolidated NEMS TV Dashboard of your multiple NEMS servers).
  • 1.7 - Begin focusing on UX and feature consolidation. Remove unneeded features from NEMS Adagios. Create new interface for NConf that matches the NEMS Dashboard interface.
  • 1.8+ We'll see!
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