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 +====Using Gmail SMTP For Nagios Notification Sending====
 +When using Gmail for SMTP, a few extra steps are required.
 +First, if you are a G Suite user (that is to say, you're using Gmail but have an @yourdomain.com email address on their service as opposed to an @gmail.com address), visit [[https://​admin.google.com/​AdminHome?​pli=1&​fral=1#​ServiceSettings/​emailsettingkey=NewSettingGroupIdPrefix-1574942781&​service=email&​subtab=filters|this page]] and configure the SMTP Relay Service like this:
 +Of course, if you happen to have a static public IP address on your NEMS server, go ahead and enable IP filtering for even more security.
 +Then, visit¬†[[https://​admin.google.com/​AdminHome#​ServiceSettings/​notab=1&​service=securitysetting&​subtab=lesssecureappsaccess|this page]] and enable //"​Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps"//​.
 +Now that you've done that, **or if you are not a G Suite user**, you'll need to enable the setting for //"​less secure apps"//​ here:​¬†https://​myaccount.google.com/​lesssecureapps
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