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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 {{ :​usage:​pushover_notifications.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} {{ :​usage:​pushover_notifications.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}
-  - Install [[https://​pushover.net/​|Pushover]] on your iOS or Android Device. +  - Install ​the [[https://​pushover.net/​|Pushover]] ​app on your [[https://​pushover.net/​clients/​ios|iOS]] or [[https://​pushover.net/​clients/​android|Android]] Device. 
-  - Run it and create your account (this is easier ​in-app ​than through their web site, so may as well do it in the app)+  - [[https://​pushover.net/​login|Sign up for an account]], which is free to try (perfect for setting up and testing) but when you decide to use it indefinitely,​ there is an in-app ​purchase of around $5 to get the full license
-  - [[https://​pushover.net/​apps/​build|Create ​an app]] through their web site. +  - Login to their web site on your computer and [[https://​pushover.net/​apps/​build|create ​an app]]. This will give you the API Key you need to add to NEMS SST, along with your USER ID (also provided when you login to the web site)
-  - Copy and paste your API key and User key into NEMS SST. +  - Copy and paste your API key and User key into NEMS SST and click "​Save"​
-  - In NEMS NConf, ​setup your contact to receive notifications via **notify-service-by-pushover** and **notify-host-by-pushover**.+  - In NEMS NConf, ​add **notify-service-by-pushover** and **notify-host-by-pushover** ​to your contact(s). 
 +  - Done!
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