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 =====Push Notifications Using Telegram===== =====Push Notifications Using Telegram=====
-<WRAP center round info 60%> +Telegram is a free chat service with an API supporting Push notifications on Android and iOS.
-Push Notifications Using Telegram is supported in NEMS 1.3+ +
 +NEMS Linux includes //​notify_**host**_by_telegram//​ and //​notify_**service**_by_telegram//​.
-Telegram ​is a free chat service with an API supporting Push notifications ​on Android ​and iOS.+It's fairly simple to setup, as long as you have your device (ie., smartphone) and a computer/​laptop handy. 
 +1) Install the free [[https://​telegram.org/​apps|Telegram ​app]] on your device. 
 +2) Run the app and follow the simple on-screen prompts to activate ​Telegram account (it'​s ​free). 
 +3) Create a new message and search for //​botfather//​. 
 +4) Click on the BotFather bot result, and then click //Start// at the bottom of your app screen. 
 +5) Click `/newbot` and then type a name for your bot. //NEMS Linux// is one idea. 
 +6) Choose a username for the bot, which must end in the word //bot//. For example, you could call it //​mycoolbot//,​ //​mycoolbot_bot//​ or even //​mycool_bot//​. I might consider //​BaldNerdNEMS_bot//​ as my bot username. 
 +7) If all went well, you will then receive ​an in-app notice that says "Done. Congratulations on your new bot." followed by some information. In particular, you'll need to remember your bot name (created in the step above) and the API token. 
 +8) Click //back// {{:​usage:​back.png?​nolink&​20|}} followed by the hamburger menu {{:​usage:​hamburger.png?​nolink&​20|}} then choose //New Group//. 
 +9) Search for the bot you just created just as if it was a person, and click it to add the bot to your new group. 
 +Click your bot's name from the search results, followed by the right arrow {{:​usage:​rightarrow.png?​nolink&​20|}} to proceed to the next screen. 
 +10) Enter a name for your group and click the checkmark to save. 
 +11) On a computer, open the URL https://​web.telegram.org/​ and sign in with the phone number you used to activate your Telegram account. 
 +12) Click on the group chat you added your bot to and look at the address bar. It will have a URL such as %%https://​web.telegram.org/#/​im?​p=%%**gXXXXXXXXX** - hold on to that info (Chat ID: **gXXXXXXXXX**) 
 +13) On your NEMS Server, open [[config:​nems_sst|NEMS SST]] and add your bot API Token and Chat ID to the Telegram Account Info section on the //​Notifications//​ tab.
-  ​Install the free [[https://​telegram.org/​apps|Telegram app]] on your device. +14) Finally, open NEMS NConf and modify your Contacts (Contacts ​-> Show -> Modify)Add notify_host_by_telegram and notify_service_by_telegram appropriatelySave, and generate your Nagios Config.
-  - Run the app and activate your free Telegram account. +
-  - //generate ​chat id// +
-  - //generate bot id// +
-  - Add your bot and chat ID to NEMS using [[config:​nems_sst|NEMS SST]].+
-User contributed doc is very helpfulhttp://forum.category5.tv/​thread-124-post-1495.html#​pid1495+{{:usage:telegram.png?​nolink&​400|}}
-Thanks to [[http://​forum.category5.tv/​thread-96-post-750.html|baggins]] for contributing this feature.+Thanks to [[http://​forum.category5.tv/​thread-96-post-750.html|baggins]] for contributing this feature ​and Vincenzo Di Iorio for assisting with this documentation.
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