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Whether you're a vendor, distributor or IT professional, it's nice to include your own branding if you install a NEMS Server at a client site, or if you're building and selling NEMS Linux appliances.

Currently the NEMS Linux Vendor Branding feature supports:

  1. Vendor Logo
  2. Vendor URL (optional)
  3. Vendor License (optional)

When you add your vendor logo, it will be scaled to a maximum height of 60 pixels and placed on the NEMS Dashboard above sponsor logos, and the sponsor logos will be shrunk to a smaller size. If you include a URL, the logo will be clickable and will open a new tab to your URL when clicked.

Add your Vendor branding

  1. Mount your NEMS Linux drive (Eg., SD card) on your computer.
  2. Place your logo in the vendor folder on the boot partition. It must be named logo.png
  3. If you would like your logo to be clickable (eg., link to your company web site), create a file in that same folder called url.txt and paste your full URL into the file.
  4. A Vendor License may be purchased, if desired. If a valid Vendor License is included, all users who share this build will be able to utilize your NEMS Cloud Services account. This means you will be able to monitor every server that is distributed under your account. This feature is intended for IT administrators who need to monitor widespread networks.
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