NEMS TV Dashboard


NEMS TV Dashboard provides a tactical display specifically designed for single-screen TV display where a keyboard/mouse are not used. Ideal as a status monitor in your server room, NEMS TV Dashboard will report all unacknowledged host and service alerts as they occur.


Nems Dashboard Screenshot circa NEMS Linux 1.4.1


To use NEMS TV Dashboard, simply connect a computer (E.G., Raspberry Pi Zero) to your TV display and open https://nems.local/tv in the browser.

Fullscreen Mode

Ideally, make NEMS TV Dashboard fullscreen by pressing F11. Press it again to restore the window.


For convenience and usability, NEMS TV Dashboard does not prompt for your NEMS username and password by default. If you prefer to keep the Dashboard private, please open NEMS SST and turn off “Allow TV Dashboard Without Password” - but make sure you have a keyboard connected to the computer connected to your TV (or something like VNC access) to login.

Under The Hood

NEMS TV Dashboard uses the Check_MK Livestatus socket in the back-end, making it fast, efficient, and lightweight.


  • NEMS Linux 1.4.1+

  • A display of some sort, connected to a computer/SBC with Web Browser and network connection with access to NEMS server.

  • NEMS TV Dashboard requires a modern web browser to operate. If you experience issues, please test in a different browser.

  • NEMS Linux 1.6+ to include Internet speedtest at all times.

Source Code

nems-tv on Github is based on merlin-dashboard by fnordpojk. Licensed under GPL v3.