NEMS Administrator User

Default Username and Password

The default username on a fresh installation of NEMS Linux is nemsadmin. This is used to sign-in to your NEMS Server (over SSH or keyboard connected to your NEMS Server) only until you run nems-init.

Username: nemsadmin

Password: nemsadmin


Once your nems-init process is complete, you will need to instead sign-in as your newly created account (which you specify during nems-init).

When you initialize NEMS, you will provide a password for the NEMS web interfaces. This username/password will be what you use to access NEMS features (eg., nCONF, Nagios Core, NagVis, Check_MK, Samba, Webmin, SSH, etc.).


Do not use the traditional passwd command to change your NEMS administrator’s password. Doing so will leave your system in a broken state (which can be fixed by running the correct command). Instead, use sudo nems-passwd

Multiple User Environments

At present, NEMS Linux is single-tenant. This means that if you wish to give one of your staff access to your NEMS Server, you would need to give them your NEMS Administrator credentials. This will change as NEMS Linux evolves. Please consider supporting the project on Patreon to help fund the development of NEMS Linux.

Browser Reports Compromized Password

The default nemsadmin password is a generic, single-use password that allows you to initialize your NEMS Administrator account / set your own password out-of-the-box. It is not left enabled on your NEMS Server, nor is your NEMS Server ever available to the outside world (unless you specifically do so, which is _not_ recommended). Use best practices, and never setup your NEMS Server to be publicly accessible.