NEMS Commands and Special Features

NEMS Commands

The following commands are available in the NEMS Linux terminal, which may be accessed either by a connected keyboard/monitor, or over SSH.

nems-backup - NEMS Migrator’s backup component.

nems-benchmark - Benchmark your NEMS Linux server.

nems-cert - Generate or re-generate NEMS SSL Certificates.

nems-info - Displays info about your NEMS Linux server.

nems-init - Initialize your NEMS Linux server.

nems-quickfix - Quickly run all rolling updates and bring in new patches and fixes with one quick command.

nems-restore - NEMS Migrator’s restore component.

nems-update - Update your NEMS Linux server within the current point release.

nems-upgrade - Upgrade your NEMS Linux server to the latest point release.

nems-support - Generate a special backup file to provide needed information to NEMS Linux support.

NEMS Special Features

nems-migrator - Backup or restore your entire NEMS server configuration.