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The NEMS Linux documentation is a work in progress, and we are constantly updating it. If you find any problems or inconsistencies, please either provide a pull request on GitHub, file an issue on GitHub, or contact us on Discord.

NEMS Linux Getting Started Guide


The NEMS Linux Getting Started Guide is an introductory course in understanding and using NEMS Linux. From the principles that drive the project, to understanding how the various components work together.

By following this easy to understand guide, you will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills required to use NEMS Linux effectively.

This guide is a primer and not comprehensive or even overly technical. It is intended as an introduction to NEMS Linux for new users, or those who wish to better understand how to use NEMS Linux at an entry level.

Table of Contents


Having gone through each page of the Getting Started Guide, you now have a good foundation and are ready to use NEMS Linux in a production environment.

What’s Next

  • Become a Patron for additional perks and to support this project

  • Join the Discord to chat with other NEMS Linux users

  • Keep reading the documentation below to learn more about how this feature rich appliance works

  • Visit the Community Forum to bounce ideas around

  • Tell everyone you know about NEMS Linux, blog about it, screencast on your YouTube channel, talk about it on your podcast. Spread the word.



Contribute to Documentation


As NEMS Linux continues to grow, our support options are also evolving. At present, there are a few key points to keep in mind when seeking support:

  1. NEMS Linux is a community-driven project, so the best place to start is usually the community. We offer an official Discord server and a Community Forum to help you find what you need.

  2. Our lead developer, Robbie Ferguson (RobbieF#7136), is often available via our Discord server. That is the best place to reach him directly.

  3. Among other perks, users who choose to support NEMS Linux on Patreon gain access to Patron-exclusive rooms on our Discord server, including #priority-support, which are setup to ding lead developer, Robbie Ferguson, on his phone. So in cases where priority support is required, he’s usually quite good to reply promptly.


Please see the NEMS Linux Credits page.


I’d like to thank all of our Patrons for your continued support of NEMS Linux development.

Here is a list of those Patrons who kicked in that little bit extra to have their name included in the changlogs:


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NEMS Linux is developed by Robbie Ferguson for The Category5 TV Network.


NEMS Linux and the code written specifically for it are licensed under GNU AGPLv3: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.en.html

Third-party products or features included within NEMS Linux may have their own license. Please review their project pages for more information.

Background wallpaper contained in NEMS Linux are licensed under CC0.