Upgrade NEMS Linux to Newer Version

Definition of Version Terms

Major Release

The whole number and first decimal place of any NEMS Linux version represents the major release. 1.7 is a major release. A major release requires reinstallation of NEMS Linux. The steps to migrate all your settings is found below.

Point Release

When we designate a version with an ‘x’, such as NEMS Linux 1.2.x, we mean anything within the 1.2 rolling release cycle. This means 1.2 (which can also be considered 1.2.0 if desired), 1.2.1, 1.2.2, and so-on. Point releases within the currently-running major release can be obtained with the sudo nems-upgrade command.


1.7 is a major release. 1.2.1 is the first point release of NEMS Linux’s major release 1.2.

Major Release Upgrade Instructions

These steps may be followed to upgrade from one major point release to the next major point release. For example, this process will take you from NEMS Linux 1.1 to NEMS Linux 1.2, or NEMS Linux 1.2.x to NEMS Linux 1.3, or even NEMS Linux 1.3 to 1.7, and so-on.

  1. Connect to your existing NEMS Linux dashboard from your computer and press Migrator→Backup. That will give you your backup.nems file.

  2. Deploy the latest version of NEMS Linux on a new card (please use a new card so you can always revert back to your existing NEMS Linux if you have a problem).

  3. Boot your NEMS Server with the new NEMS Linux card and initialize it as normal (instructions are provided via your web browser when you connect).

  4. Once you get to the dashboard simply go through the NEMS Migrator nems-restore process to restore your settings from your backup.nems file.


To save your backup.nems file to the new installation, you can browse to your home folder using samba (or \\nems.local\home in Windows).

Rolling Release Upgrade Instructions

A rolling release is a second decimal point release, and rolling upgrades are available within each major release as made available. Rolling releases are usually pushed out in order to fix bugs or improve features. An example of a rolling release would be going from NEMS Linux 1.2 to 1.2.1, or 1.2.1 to 1.2.3. Once a new NEMS Linux major release is available, it is recommended to perform a major release upgrade to ensure you have the latest and greatest NEMS Linux has to offer.

  1. Login to NEMS Linux via SSH.

  2. Type: sudo nems-upgrade

  3. Reboot.

Please Note: If you receive a notice that nems-upgrade is an unknown program, did you initialize NEMS Linux? Please re-read the Initialization Instructions if that is the case.

Legacy Distro Support

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