NEMS Cloud Services

Quick points

  • nems-info cloudauth will show if your NEMS Cloud Services account is active or not.

  • When active, NEMS Cloud Services will receive the updated status of all your NEMS servers every 60 seconds.


In order to use NEMS Cloud Services, you must be running NEMS Linux 1.5 or higher. You must also be a Patron of NEMS Linux on Patreon at a tier that includes NEMS Cloud Services.

Included Services

NEMS Cloud Services Dashboard


  • View your NEMS Linux state information from anywhere.

  • Open NEMS TV Dashboard for any of your NEMS Servers from anywhere.

  • Connect multiple NEMS Servers to a single dashboard to be able to see the state of multiple distributed NEMS Servers on one screen.

  • Extend NEMS Warning Light and NEMS GPIO Extender to support multiple NEMS Servers and be geographically located anywhere in the world.

Security Points

  • Cloud Dashboard password is set in NEMS SST

  • Password is salted with a 256-byte key before the data from nems is encrypted

  • data includes state information only (same info that appears on nems tv dashboard)

  • multiple NEMS servers may be linked together to a single cloud dashboard

  • since nobody knows your custom password, only you can see your data (it cannot be decrypted without your password)

  • leaving dashboard open continually extends cookie, so it is suitable for server room (don’t need to continually login)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to enter my NEMS HWID, NEMS Cloud Services Key and Decryption Password to login? Can’t you make it so I can create a username and password and login that way?

Your NEMS HWID and NEMS Cloud Services Key authenticates your session. Your Decryption Password on the other hand allows NEMS Cloud Services to decrypt your NEMS State information. For your safety, your decryption password is never stored on the server, and only you know it. I will not create a mechanism for your private decryption password to be associated with your account. You must enter it every time you login, since it is never stored within NEMS Cloud Services.

Since I have to enter my decryption password only once per session, how can you say it is not stored?

When you enter your encryption password, it is transmitted over your browser’s SSL connection to the NEMS Cloud Services server. There, it is not stored in the session. Rather, your password is salted and hashed, and this hash is what is stored in the session. Once your session has expired, your hash is discarded.