NEMS System Settings Tool (SST)


NEMS SST requires NEMS Linux 1.3+

Gone are the days of manually editing your Nagios resource.cfg file.

NEMS SST provides a web-based GUI to allow easy configuration of system settings such as SMTP server settings.

To access NEMS SST, click Configuration→NEMS System Settings Tool.

To login, use your NEMS username and password as configured during nems-init.

Custom Appearance

Beginning in NEMS Linux 1.5, NEMS SST features the ability to change the background on some NEMS screens.

Background Selection allows you to select from the following:

  • Daily Image (default) - Load a new image every day.

  • Daily Color - Load a new background base color every day, based on the color pallet of the daily image.

  • NEMS Legacy - Classic server room image from NEMS Linux 1.4.

  • Custom Color - Choose your own base color to use for the background.

  • Upload Image - Upload your own preferred wallpaper image.

Blur Background Selection allows you to add a blur effect to background images:

  • Slight Blur will add a subtle Gaussian blur to the background image.

  • Medium Blur will add a more pronounced blur to the background image.

  • Heavy Blur will blur the background image so heavily that only the color scheme of the image is recognizable.

TV Dashboard

You can turn it on and off again. (Placeholder for a ref in TV Dashboard page)