NEMS Migrator Local Backup


SD cards are prone to failure, and NEMS Linux has protections in place to ensure the longevity of your storage media. However, what happens if your card does fail?

NEMS Migrator provides a constant backup of your NEMS Server’s configuration, which can be backed up locally or in NEMS Cloud Services (or both). Restoring your NEMS Migrator backup gets your configuration back online within minutes.

Combined with NEMS CheckIn to notify you in event of failure, NEMS Migrator is an excellent way to ensure your NEMS Server is protected against failure.

Local Backups


Your NEMS Linux server automatically generates a backup of your configuration ready for you to download at any time.

Your NEMS Migrator backup (filename: backup.nems) contains your NEMS server configuration, allowing you to quickly re-deply on a new NEMS server or re-flashed device without having to re-create your Nagios configuration manually.

A NEMS Migrator backup is proprietary to NEMS. It is not intended for user consumption, but rather can be used to restore NEMS Linux to a previous configuration, or quickly rebuild after an SD card failure (for example).

NEMS Migrator will check your backup status every few minutes. If the backup is older than 30 minutes, it will replace your backup.nems file with a current snapshot. Therefore you know that if you make a copy of your backup.nems file, it is no older than 30 minutes. If however you make changes to your configuration, those changes may not appear in your backup for up to 30 minutes.

To use NEMS Migrator to upgrade from an earlier version of NEMS Linux (or even NagiosPi), please read Upgrade NEMS Linux to Newer Version.

To automate your NEMS Migrator backup, please see Backup Your NEMS Configuration Automatically for helpful resources and tips.


Please see nems-restore.