Included Check CommandsΒΆ

While not a comprehensive list of the available check commands in NEMS Linux, here are some of the available check commands:

  • check_apc - Check APC UPS.
  • check_dhtxx - Use a DHTxx (DHT11 / DHT22 / AM2302) Arduino sensor to report on the room temperature and humidity.
  • check_esxi_hardware - Monitor the hardware of ESX and ESXi servers.
  • check_http - Check the status of an HTTP/HTTPS server on a remote host.
  • check_internet_speed - Check the speed of your internet connection.
  • check_mikrotik_switch - Monitor stats for some MikroTik routers, including thermal sensors, packet loss, uptime, and so-on.
  • check_ncpa - Monitor Windows, Mac and Linux hosts. NCPA is written in Python and is able to run on almost any Operating System.
  • check_nrpe - Monitor your hosts at a deeper level. Things like CPU usage, free disk space, free RAM, and so-on.
  • check_ping - Ping by hostname or IP address with warn/crit thresholds for response time and packet loss.
  • check_synology - Monitor various sensors on a Synology NAS.
  • check_temper - Use a TEMPer USB temperature sensor to detect and report the room temperature.
  • check_sbc_temperature - Check your NEMS SBC temperature with perfdata and warn/crit thresholds.
  • check_tcp - Check response of a specific TCP connection.
  • check_win_users - Check the count of users on a Windows server based on a query.
  • check_wmi_plus (See this and that)
  • custom_check_mem - Monitor the percentage of RAM free on either the local NEMS server or a remote system via NRPE.