Check Command: check_ibmi*

Check Commands

IBM i Check Commands in NEMS Linux
Command Name in NEMS NConf Description
check_ibmi_cpu Check the CPU utilization of the entire IBM i host.
check_ibmi_job_cpu Check the CPU usage of a specific job.
check_ibmi_overload_jobs Retrieve the number of jobs that exceeds the expected CPU usage.
check_ibmi_temp_jobs Retrieve top jobs that have the most temp storage usage. Number of jobs is user configurable.
check_ibmi_jobs Check the number of active jobs.
check_ibmi_disk_config Report the disk configuration of the host.
check_ibmi_disk_usage Disk usage.
check_ibmi_asp_usage Retrieve the ASP usage percentage of the entire system.
check_ibmi_disk Disk utilization.
check_ibmi_messages Check IBM i messages. I do not know what the ‘ty’ argument represents. If you know, please message me or create a PR.
check_ibmi_message Check if a specific message (by Message ID) exists in a specific message queue. May be a comma-separated list of Message IDs.
check_ibmi_page_faults Check for page faults.
check_ibmi_subjobs Number of subsystem jobs.
check_ibmi_sql Retrieve the longest running SQL.
check_ibmi_sql_custom The user could leverage SQL services to create self-defined matrix. That’s what the manual says. Someone, please clarify.
check_ibmi_users Report the number of users currently logged in (no thresholds or notifications).
check_ibmi_info Report basic info about the IBM i host.
check_ibmi_integration Check if the IBM i NEMS Linux integration daemon is running. If not, make sure you enabled it in NEMS SST (it is disabled by default).


NEMS Linux includes the command add_ibmi to allow you to easily configure the credentials for your IBM i Host or SST. To run it, access your NEMS Linux terminal and type sudo add_ibmi

Once you have added the credentials, you may proceed to add the host to NEMS NConf as usual. Be sure to add the IBM_i host template to your host configuration in NEMS NConf.


GROUP PTF - V7R1: SF99701 LEVEL 38 - V7R2: SF99702 LEVEL 16 - V7R3: SF99703 LEVEL 4

USER PROFILE - check-ibmi-long-run-sql needs *ALLOBJ - check-ibmi-disk-config needs *ALLOBJ,*SERVICE,*IOSYSCFG

PORT - as-central 8470 - as-database 8471 - as-dtaq 8472 - as-file 8473 - as-netprt 8474 - as-rmtcmd 8475 - as-signon 8476 - as-svrmap 449


Requires NEMS Linux 1.6+.