Check Command: check_tasmota

Check IoT sensor states for sensors running the Tasmota Firmware, such as SONOFF IoT devices.

Included Check Commands

Note: I do not have one of these devices for testing in NEMS Linux, so have done my best to understand the command parameters. If you test your device, please report back to me (Robbie) with your feedback as to the accuracy of this documentation, or any changes that are required. If you encounter an issue you cannot resolve, please let me know.

NEMS Linux includes the two sample check commands provided by the plugin author:

  • check_tasmota_power - Check the power state of a compatible IoT device. Warn/Crit should be a

binary threshold: 0 or 1. - check_tasmota_sensor - Check the state of any compatible sensor. Must specify the device (E.G., ENERGY or AM2301) and the sensor (E.G., Humidity, Temperature, Voltage, Current, Total, Today, Yesterday).

Included Hostgroups

NEMS Linux includes hostgroups for three styles of IoT devices which use the Tasmoto firmware:

  • Tasmota ENERGY WifiPlugs - Assign to the tasmota-ENERGY hostgroup to check the following: Ping, Power State, Voltage, Current, Total Consumption (All Time), Total Consumption (Today Only), Total Consumption (Yesterday Only).
  • Tasmota AM2301 WifiPlugs - Assign to the tasmota-AM2301 hostgroup to check the following: Ping, Humidity, Temperature
  • Tasmota Switch WifiPlugs - Assign to the tasmota-switch hostgroup to check the following: Ping, Power State


Requires NEMS Linux 1.6+.