Check Command: check_nems_osbΒΆ

Monitor the status of your NEMS Migrator Off-Site Backup. If your backup fails, this check will notify you.

check_nems_osb output in NEMS Adagios

check_nems_osb output in NEMS Adagios (circa NEMS Linux 1.6)

If you do not have a NEMS Cloud Services account, check_nems_osb will return an UNKNOWN state.

Additionally, even if the last backup was successful, check_nems_osb will go into a WARNING state if the backup has not run for a couple days.

The included sample will not notify you if it is in this state (only WARNING, CRITICAL and RECOVERED will notify, unless you change the notification options of the included sample service).

check_nems_osb does not have any arguments. By adding it to your NEMS host, it will check and notify based on the state of your backups. There are no thresholds required since a failed backup is CRITICAL, and a successful backup is OK.