Pushover vs. Telegram

Why Choose One Or The Other?

This is not a comprehensive comparison. But rather, this document serves to help you select which push app is right for your needs.


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  • Notifications feature colorization based on status, which helps critical alerts stand out.

  • There is a free trial, allowing you to test it before committing to buying.

  • You can set up delivery groups so your entire team is able to receive the notifications.


  • It costs $4.99 USD to buy the app. Multiply this by the number of people in your team who need to receive the notifications.

  • Having paid for the app, you receive 7,500 “free” notifications per month. If you exceed this, you must purchase more to continue receiving notifications.


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  • Entirely Free. Your whole team can install the app and it will cost you nothing. There is no fee to purchase the app, and no subscription fees. There are not even any ads.

  • Viewing notifications is not limited to the app: You can open your bot in your web browser on your computer to see alerts.

  • You can add team members to the room so they also receive the notifications on their device.

  • Rich, easy-to-read notifications. Notices include a relevant emoji (eg., exclamation mark in event of problem, checkmark if all is well) and clean layout.


  • It cannot make me a latte.