NEMSeOS 0 Changelogs

December 1, 2020 - NEMSeOS 0.1 alpha Build 1.


  • If no configuration found, auto-detect running NEMS Server | on same subnet when network connection is extablished.

  • Ability to extend all GPIO pins hi/low value from running | NEMS Server.

  • At release time, NEMS Warning Light GPIO pins, plus Omzlo | Warning Light pHAT are supported.

  • Accessing IP address of NEMSeOS in browser will show state, | including an interval provided by the NEMS Server which | counts up with each iteration. This makes it easy to see | if your NEMS GPIO Extender has stopped transmitting or | receiving (as the counter would stop).

  • Basic error handling included to show in browser if a | connection cannot be established.

  • Manually editing the nems-tools.conf file from any | Linux machine is possible by mounting the SD card’s | boot partition.

  • Editing your config file manually allows you to connect | to a NEMS Server on a different network, even WAN (Internet).

  • NEMSeOS 0.1 alpha contains Cockpit running on port 9090 and | accessible from within your browser. Username/Password are | pi/raspberry. This is only included during alpha/beta testing | and will later be removed once the system is stable and can be | run fully as an appliance. Cockpit can be used for now to | login to the device’s terminal, or safely shut down the NEMSeOS | device.

Changelogs since Build 1

  • Add i2c support to enable access to Omzlo Warning Light pHAT.