Omzlo PiWatcher Smart Watchdog for Raspberry Pi


Omzlo PiWatcher

The Omzlo PiWatcher is a very small hat for Raspberry Pi that allows programmable power events to take place.

NEMS Linux includes built-in support for the PiWatcher board. There is no configuration needed: Simply plug it in and boot up your NEMS Linux server. If your Raspberry Pi should become unresponsive or otherwise freeze up, your NEMS server will automatically power cycle after 2 minutes.

To confirm your PiWatcher devices is detected and active, visit NEMS Server Overview on your NEMS Dashboard.

To test if your piWatcher is working, stop the heartbeat and wait 2 minutes:

sudo kill -9 $(cat /var/run/

This should not be done on a production server (it is akin to pulling the power on a live system).