Install NEMS Linux on a Raspberry Pi

What You Need

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or higher model RPi

  • 16 GB or higher fast MicroSD card or USB Flash Drive

  • A reliable, high-quality power supply for your RPi, preferably connected to a UPS

  • An Ethernet cable

Video Demonstration


Install NEMS Linux to MicroSD

  • Download the latest version of NEMS Linux from

  • Install the Raspberry Pi Imager from

  • Click “Choose OS”

  • Click “Choose Custom” at the bottom of the list

  • Browse to your downloaded copy of NEMS Linux

  • Click “Choose Storage”

  • Insert your MicroSD card or USB Flash Drive

  • Carefully select your MicroSD card or USB Flash Drive

  • Click “Write”

First Boot

  • Connect the MicroSD card or USB Flash Drive containing NEMS Linux to your Raspberry Pi

  • Connect the gigabit Ethernet port of the Raspberry Pi to your network using an Ethernet cable

  • Power on the Raspberry Pi to boot your NEMS Server

  • Wait approximately 5 minutes to perform first-boot operations

During the first-boot operation, the filesystem will be automatically resized to the capacity of your storage and the NEMS Server will reboot.

After the first-boot operations have completed, visit https://nems.local/ in your web browser. If name resolution doesn’t work, try the IP address of your NEMS device instead, which you can find in your router’s DHCP leases table, or on a TV connected to your NEMS Server’s HDMI port.

NEMS Server details

NEMS Server details as shown on a connected TV circa September 2018.