NEMS SaaS Probe Installation on QNAP NAS


QNAP NAS devices run a Linux distribution called QTS. As such, the NEMS SaaS probe is able to monitor your QNAP NAS device as if it was any other Linux server.

Ensure Your QNAP Is Prepared

Step 1. Enable SSH Access.

In order to access the Linux terminal on your QNAP device, you must enable SSH access.

Open Control Panel -> Network & File Services -> Telnet / SSH and place a checkbox next to Allow SSH Connections.

Enable SSH in QNAP Control Panel

If you use a different account than admin as your administrator account (which you should!) click Edit Access Permissions and add your user.

Once you’re finished, you can later return to this screen to disable SSH access.

Step 2. Connect to your QNAP SSH Terminal.

Step 3. Install nems-saas-config

Step 4. Install nems-saas-probe

sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/nems-saas-probe && sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/nems-saas-probe

Step 5. Enable auto-load at boot.